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About the Program

How Does the BottleBank™ Blue Bag Program Work?

BottleBank™ is a new way to redeem CRV beverage bottle and cans.

The user of this system becomes a member of the BottleBank™ CRV redemption system.

The user signs up via either a smart phone or website or at the BottleBank™ CRV mobile site.

The member fills a BottleBank™ blue bag with their bottles and cans.

• The bottle and cans need to be whole and empty, so the UPC (bar) code can be read.

• Do not crush or flatten the bottles or cans.  Make sure they are completely empty.

• The Blue Bag is for use only at the BottleBank™ drop sites.

The bag has a capacity of approximately 80 empty bottle and cans (on the average). 
Each Blue Bag has a unique bar that needs to be scanned at the drop site.   

The scanning opens a secure door on the mobile trailer, and the bag is dropped through the opening door.

One bag per each scan.  You are allowed to drop up to 5 blue bags per day.

This logs in the transaction to the user’s account.

The trailer full of bags goes to a processing facility where each bag is logged-in again, and sorted

by UPC code,  and credited to the user’s account within 72 hours of the initial bag drop.

Each accounting is logged: the initial bag drop, the receiving of the bag at the sorting facility,

and the specific UPC code scan that “cancels” (gives back the CRV) for each bottle or can.



Benefits to Retailers

You are part of the solution: innovating at a time of change.

Once the Pilot commences, given it has Citywide coverage of parking lots, from the mobile sites, CalRecycle will consider the whole city and county of San Francisco CRV redemption convenient.

No more “Option A” (over the counter redemption) or “Option B” ($100/day in lieu fees), they disappear.

“Green Halo” effect: CRV redemption meets your company’s sustainablility and social responsibility goals.

The physical space for recycling, in this program, is different:
this is what people want: a convenient place to recycle that is clean and straight forward and relatively fast.
This is “reverse retail” in the sense that the cycle of the package-recycling has a logistical outlet.

BottleBank™ blue bag drop tells customers you are forward thinking: It’s uses smart phone technology to help locate, schedule, and keep track of CRV electronically.  Funds move electronically. 
Aggregate accounting is transparent to the everyone; Specific market share of CRVables can be organized also.

San Francisco Bottle Bank

Mobile App

Customer BottleBank™ Account Management


Adding Citywide Locations

Sponsorship Opportunities

Once the Pilot commences there will be various signage and messaging options.

  • You can sponsor a BottleBank™ mobile parking lot spot.
  • Monitor (TV) on each mobile trailer (web based, so very flexible)
  • Smart phone app and development
  • Website
  • on Truck and/or Trailer of Mobile
  • at Fixed sites: billboard options
  • on Blue Bags’ 2 pack sample sleeve and/or shipper-display
  • on Blue Bag’s 8 pack box
  • window banners, or nearby CRV redemption  location window posters
  • any electronic messaging you may have in your store;
  • including receipt messaging with a BottleBank™ blue bag coupon.
  • community oriented donations: e.g. your store can match or bonus CRV redemption, at nearby local church, school, or sports club, promoting a neighborhood’s BottleBank CRV mobile location.

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