San Francisco BottleBank:
A new way to return CRV containers
The BottleBank program is an innovative CRV recycling program in San Francisco that uses specially made bags with barcodes that can be linked to customer accounts. Uncrushed CRV containers in the bag are counted using cutting-edge technology, and the CRV is automatically credited into customer accounts. BottleBank is a convenient and easy way to get your CRV redemption money back.

Crushed containers are not accepted and will not be counted
per the BottleBank Terms of Service agreement.

The agreement to abide by BottleBank Terms of Service is made upon account registration.





Ready to get your CRV back with BottleBank?

Download the BottleBank App

The app is your one-stop-shop for signing up, finding locations and accessing your balance.

Sign Up for a BottleBank Account

You can sign up right on the app or on this website.

Drop Containers at a BottleBank Location

Get bags at BottleBank locations or retailers, fill them up and drop them off.
Illustration of tumbling bottles and cans.

Supporting the Community

Did you know you can use BottleBank to support great San Francisco nonprofits? By donating your CRV to one of our featured nonprofits below, you can be confident your containers are being recycled—and your CRV is doing even more good in the community.

Nonprofit Donations Coming Soon

We’re currently finalizing our featured nonprofit list—check back soon!

Are you a San Francisco nonprofit looking to be featured here? Contact us to be put on the waiting list for featured nonprofits.

In Partnership With

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It all starts on the BottleBank app

The BottleBank app is the only way to drop bags with a digital account, and it’s your one-stop-shop for signing up, finding locations and getting your CRV back.

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