Important Update
San Francisco BottleBank

Dear BottleBank Customer,

Thank you for participating in the BottleBank pilot program.

BottleBank has reached a significant milestone and is preparing to implement a new system to provide a California customized redemption experience for consumers. We kindly request your continuous support and participation as we transition to this new phase.

The current system will conclude on June 30, 2024, and a new mobile app—along with a refreshed BOTTLEBANK—will be launched on July 1, 2024, to continue offering CRV redemption in San Francisco. Rest assured, the CRV credits you have earned so far are safe and will remain accessible.

Important Dates to Remember:

  • June 14, 2024: the current system will no longer accept any NEW BottleBank account signups. Existing customers will still have access to the services with the current BottleBank app.
  • June 30, 2024: this is the final day to drop off bags under the current BottleBank pilot program. No bags will be accepted after this date in the current system.
    • All bags dropped off through June 30, 2024, will be credited.
    • After June 30, bags can only be dropped off using the new system.
    • We will share more information and details soon.
  • Please withdraw all funds from your current BottleBank account by June 30, 2024.
  • Transferring the balance to the new system is not possible for technical reasons.
    • Customers may contact or be contacted by Customer Service for assistance withdrawing their funds: 833-732-6885 or 833-SFBOTTL.
  • July 1, 2024: a new BOTTLEBANK mobile app will launch!
    • Service will continue uninterrupted, hours of operation, the locations will remain the same for your convenience during and after the transition.
    • Starting July 1, 2024, BOTTLEBANK will accept crushed aluminum and plastic beverage containers, so more bottles and cans will fit into each blue bag!
    • BOTTLEBANK blue bags will remain the same.
    • You can enjoy the waived processing fee!
    • Transferring your funds to the new app is NOT possible, so please withdraw all funds by June 30, 2024!
  • July 14, 2024: the last day for bag credits or balance adjustments under the current system. This includes credit adjustments made by Customer Service.
  • Current CRV credits are safe and will remain accessible during the transition.

We are excited to introduce the refreshed BOTTLEBANK and will soon share more information about the next steps. For any questions about the new BOTTLEBANK system, please email us.

If you need support withdrawing funds from your existing BottleBank account, please contact Customer Service: 833-732-6885 or 833-SFBOTTL.

The BottleBank Team

The BottleBank program is an innovative CRV recycling program in San Francisco that uses specially made bags with barcodes that can be linked to customer accounts. Uncrushed CRV containers in the bag are counted using cutting-edge technology, and the CRV is automatically credited into customer accounts. BottleBank is a convenient and easy way to get your CRV redemption money back.



Crushed containers are not accepted and will not be counted
per the BottleBank Terms of Service agreement.

The agreement to abide by BottleBank Terms of Service is made upon account registration.



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Supporting the Community

Did you know you can use BottleBank to support great San Francisco nonprofits? By donating your CRV to one of our featured nonprofits below, you can be confident your containers are being recycled—and your CRV is doing even more good in the community.

Nonprofit Donations

and Stern Grove Music Festival


Logo for Stern Grove Festival


Bottles and Cans Help Fund Free Concerts

* Exciting news! The San Francisco BottleBank is teaming up with the Stern Grove Music Festival for its first nonprofit partnership

*Now, when you come to enjoy the festival, you can also support the environment by donating your CRV-eligible containers

*Stop by the BottleBank tent in the West Meadow of Stern Grove and grab a free BottleBank blue bag

*Collect CRV-eligible beverage containers for your friends and fellow festival-goers

*Your bottles and cans (and boxed wine too!) all add up to dollars and cents for Stern Grove

*Drop off the blue bag at the BottleBank tent and help Stern Grove provide free concerts for San Francisco residents

Join the BottleBank in making a difference at Stern Grove!

In Partnership With

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