The BottleBank account is an optional service intended to provide extra convenience for individuals, families, and household consumers. The following terms and conditions apply to all BottleBank accounts and are agreed to by customers upon account sign up. BottleBank is not responsible for miscounts or delayed counts when customers violate the terms and conditions. Violations of these terms and conditions could result in closure of your account with or without notice.

  • A valid SMS capable phone number is required to create a BottleBank account online, through the BottleBank mobile application, or at a BottleBank Kiosk. Customers without an SMS capable phone may contact BottleBank Customer Service and provide a valid email address and valid identification with a mailing address to qualify for a BottleBank account.
  • A maximum of two (2) BottleBank accounts are allowed per household and per phone number.
  • Due to capacity constraints, account holders may not drop off more than 15 bags per day.
  • Only BottleBank Bags are accepted for counting by BottleBank. BottleBank may refuse to accept and/or count containers dropped in any bag other than a BottleBank Bag.
  • BottleBank Bags can be picked up at BottleBank drop off locations while they are open and operating, or purchased from participating retailers as available.
  • BottleBank accounts will be charged a $0.40 processing fee for each BottleBank Bag that is dropped off at a BottleBank location. During the pilot phase of the program through October 15th, 2023, the processing fee will be waived.
  • Containers in a BottleBank Bag must have a valid California Redemption Value (CRV). Knowingly returning containers that do not have a California Redemption Value is prohibited and may result in account closure.
  • BottleBank Bags may include a mix of plastic, metal, bimetal, and glass CRV containers in the same bag.
    • If including glass, bags may have no more than 30 glass bottles and must weigh less than 20 lbs.
  • BottleBank Bags containing any biohazards such as dirty diapers, syringes, spit/chew, or other biological substances will result in immediate account termination.
  • BottleBank is committed to using modern technology to count containers and credit CRV refund values, and uses automated equipment to do so. BottleBank is a voluntary, premium bulk container redemption option. Because containers come in bags with mixed commodity types and are machine-counted, BottleBank is committed to using effective commercial efforts to accurately count containers, within an average margin of error of +/- 5 containers per bag. Customers who believe they may have been under-credited outside of this margin of error may contact BottleBank customer service and seek a credit. By accepting these terms and conditions, customers agree that contacting customer service to seek a credit is the sole remedy for concerns related to miscounts or bags that have not been credited.
  • BottleBank is not responsible for any issues with a bag if it is dropped off by anyone other than the account holder themselves, including third-party services.
  • BottleBank is not responsible for inaccurate bag counts if bags are improperly filled, handled, or if the account holder does not properly engage the BottleBank drop off procedures. This includes, but is not limited to, bags that:
    • Contain trash or non-redeemable containers;
    • Contain crushed or broken containers, or containers with excessive residual liquid;
    • Contain unrinsed or sticky containers that do not freely fall out of an open bag;
    • Contain more than 30 glass bottles and/or weigh over 20 lbs.;
    • Are ripped or cut, untied, or not fully closed;
    • Have not been appropriately checked-in at a BottleBank drop location.
  • Customers must follow the check-in procedures described in the BottleBank mobile application when dropping off bags at approved BottleBank locations, or follow the check-in procedures required at those locations when using a physical account card outside of the mobile application flow.
  • There is a maximum withdrawal limit of $250.00 per account per day.
  • BottleBank Bags will be processed and credited to your account within 72 hours. If your account has not been credited after 72 hours, please contact customer service. Customer service may issue a bag credit based on recent activity in your account. By accepting these terms and conditions, customers agree that contacting customer service to seek a credit for a bag beyond the seven day processing period is the sole remedy for concerns related to missing bags and/or bags not credited within the processing period.

Funds from Bags not properly checked in and/or forfeited

BottleBank relies on customers following the prescribed check-in and drop-off procedures in order to associate funds from BottleBank Bags with the appropriate customer accounts. Customers who inadvertently fail to follow these procedures or wish to seek credit for a bag that has not been credited within the processing period, can contact customer service by phone at 833-732-6885 (833-SF-BOTTL) to inquire about credit for their bag.

Third-Party Companies and Services

  • BottleBank customers are responsible for their own bags. BottleBank prohibits the use of third-party companies to handle or drop-off BottleBank Bags, and is not responsible for bags handled by third-party entities.
  • BottleBank may utilize Hyperwallet payment services to deliver payments to you. Such payment services are subject to the Hyperwallet Terms of Service and the Hyperwallet Privacy Policy.

Purchases, Refunds, and Cancellations

BottleBank will make a good faith effort to provide any products or services offered via our website, mobile application and kiosks. BottleBank only provides products at BottleBank locations within the state of California and does not deliver services or products outside of the state of California.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL except for defective bags as outlined below. However, you may request a refund for unredeemed products or services by calling BottleBank customer service at 833-732-6885 (833-SF-BOTTL). Refunds other than for defects are at the sole discretion of BottleBank. All refunds will be issued as a BottleBank account credit or a direct product exchange, as determined by BottleBank.

Defective Bags

BottleBank, in its sole discretion, will replace the defective bag or refund the purchase price for manufacturer’s defects within the first 90 days from date of purchase. You may request a refund by calling BottleBank customer service at 833-732-6885 (833-SF-BOTTL), stating the specific account and purchase you wish to refund. Our warranty policy is valid for the original purchaser only.

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